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Solve an issue where the number of ads that can be displayed on your site is restricted in your AdSense account.

 Solve an issue where the number of ads that can be displayed on your site is restricted in your AdSense account.

Solve the problem of restricting adsense ads

 The number of ads has been restricted

 Restricting ads is a big problem faced by most Google Adsense customers and users of websites or blogs on Blogger. When the webmaster faces this problem, which causes the ads to stop entering his site, he feels very frustrated as a result of this restriction, which is almost a routine matter from the strict Google Adsense company in its terms and rules imposes Adsense  This restriction is about noticing any strange activity within the site. I, the owner of this site, got restricted more than once and this was the result of sudden high visits to my own site, but it became normal for me because I know that I did not violate the rules of the Adsense company.

 google adsense company

 Of course, Adsense is a company affiliated with Google, and it is an advertising company. Working with this company is very good, and it is the first company in this field, and any other companies working in the field of advertising also follow this company. This company is also an intermediary between advertisers and publishers on website platforms and the YouTube platform when you create  A new website or YouTube channel and you want to get financial profits, you must deal with this company to get your profits through your site or your YouTube channel. Google Adsense has basic conditions to deal with it and get financial profits through it. You can view the Google Adsense policy from  through this link.

 Reasons for restricting ads

 Perhaps the reasons for obtaining the restriction of ads in Adsense are many, and this comes as a result of not following the strict Google AdSense policy in its terms and rules in order to preserve the rights of its advertisers and publishers, and the most important of these reasons are:

  •  Illegal visits to the site, such as sites that send fake visits.

  •  Illegal clicks on ads when the click-through rate is too high when this limit reaches more than 40 or 50 percent.

  •  Frequent downloading of the page and the largest percentage by the owner, the site or any other person.

  •  The source of visits is surprisingly different and many, for example, social networking sites Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, and the most important source of visits for Adsense is the Google search engine.

  •  Vpn programs and clicking on ads by the owner of the site significantly.

  •  Do not report illegal clicks You should report illegal clicks when you first notice.

  •  The high bounce rate of the site significantly, which is the percentage of the visitor staying within the site, the higher this percentage, the greater the risk of restricting ads.

 Solve the problem of restricting ads

 We may have previously mentioned the most important reasons for restricting ads, and if this message appears, the number of ads that can be displayed on your site has been restricted. Do not worry, dear, because it is a routine matter from Google Adsense when you notice any strange activity in visiting your site or its profits, meaning that it changes suddenly, the company automatically  Temporary ad restriction is imposed on your account and this is normal and the best solution to this problem is through several steps:

  •  Continuing to publish unique content i.e. high quality content of your own.

  •  Monitor the source of visits on a daily basis and ensure their quality.

  •  Monitor the clicks that come to the site and report any suspicious clicks.

  •  Get more visits from the Google search engine.

  •  Do not open your site frequently through you, you are the owner of the site.

 These were the main reasons for solving the problem of the limited number of ads that can be displayed on your site in the AdSense account.

 Here we finish explaining the solution to the problem of restricting ads in Google Adsense. I hope you like this topic.


 Restricting ads in this way is very normal and normal. Do not worry, my dear, and continue your work. Of course, this talk after personal experience, it may be annoying, but continue and do not worry.

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