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How to get, buy and store bitcoins.

 How to get, buy and store bitcoins.

How to get a Bitcoin

 How to get bitcoin?  There are very many people who ask this question and would like to know any way to obtain Bitcoin, Bitcoin has become a concern for most people around the world, and Bitcoin has become of interest to a very large number of people as well. Bitcoin is the most important global currency that exists  At the present time, it has become the headlines of newspapers and economic magazines around the world, which made the spread of Bitcoin applications very large. In our time, it has become the best investment to invest Bitcoin because it is the number one currency in the world and because of experts’ expectations of more success and development for this huge currency.

 In this article, we will present to you the best ways to obtain this currency. We will also explain to you all the steps required to be able to obtain this currency and we will separate all the steps, each step of them separately, in order to try to explain to you everything you are trying to understand, dear reader. We will start by mentioning all  The steps are as follows:

 First get a bitcoin wallet:

 When you think of buying or obtaining bitcoin first, dear, you must get a wallet for cryptocurrencies in order to store your coins in it, there are a lot of cryptocurrency wallets.  She has to choose a fairly simple portfolio because in the beginning she must be a beginner and do not have enough experience to manage large or complex portfolios.

 You can get an easy e-wallet with a simple interface online free of charge and without much trouble, but dear, after you have understood the course and method of work and were able to get good money, it is better for you to get a hardware wallet to avoid anything bad.

 Second, choose a bitcoin trader:

 There are many merchants or companies that provide the service of selling Bitcoin There are many secured companies that provide this service, but certainly there are many fraudulent companies, websites or people that try to deceive the customer in the process of selling Bitcoin, so you should be careful and think carefully before you pay any  A party trying to buy bitcoins.

 LocalBitcoins is one of the best sites that specializes in selling bitcoin and other digital currencies. The mission of this site is as a guaranteed intermediary between the buyer and seller.

 The most important ways to get bitcoins are:

  •  Buying directly from companies that sell bitcoin, and Coinbase is the best choice in this field, as the percentage of safety and sincerity of this site is very large.

  •  The (CEX) site is also one of the best options, as it is a site that offers the service of selling bitcoin in an easier and simpler way than the previous site.

  •  Buying through a direct method from anyone who provides this service, such as selling bitcoin and other digital currencies, but here dear, it is better for this person to be trusted or to deal through well-known intermediary companies or platforms.

  •  You can also get bitcoin through donation or support, which is rather difficult.

  •  Getting bitcoin by buying it in the form of real coins is very easy.

  •  You can buy bitcoins in real coins through the TITANBTC website. This site is very cool as it offers the service of selling bitcoins in the form of real coins.

  •  Get bitcoin through offers, apps and profitable sites that offer bitcoin.

  •  You can also get bitcoins by mining.

  •  Buying Bitcoin through a merchant, LocalBitcoins has millions of people who want to buy or sell Bitcoin.

 The work of this site comes in the form of an intermediary between the two parties, which also provides you with a method of communicating with the merchant or seller and negotiating in all matters.

 Third, choose an appropriate payment method:

 Here, in this step, dear, you must specify the payment method that you must rely on to obtain bitcoins, but do not worry, bitcoin exchanges now support most of the available payment methods, whether by bank transfer, by credit card, or even by transfer via a bank  Paypal, the way to get bitcoins has become somewhat easier than before.

 There are a lot of Bitcoin ATMs but they are available in some specific places in the world where you can enter your payment card and scan your wallet code on your phone with ease and get bitcoins.

 Fourth, buy bitcoins and store them in the wallet:

 In light of these successes and developments that the bitcoin currency has reached, whose price has reached more than 35 thousand dollars per currency at the present time, anyone who may think about buying or obtaining bitcoin must have good capital or be well-versed in this  things.

 Dear, when you buy bitcoin for the first time, try to buy a large amount of bitcoin because in the event of any decline in the value of this currency, the loss that you will face may be estimated at thousands of dollars.  Even on 0.5 of the work.  Only one bitcoin.

 After you have purchased Bitcoin, you store this currency in your wallet for the digital currencies that you have previously obtained, but as we mentioned previously, if you have obtained a lot of Bitcoin, it is good to save this money. External hardware income as a guarantee that there will be no problems such as forgetting a password  This wallet or something else.

 In this article, we presented you with how to buy or obtain Bitcoin and how to store it. I hope you liked the explanation.​

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