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What is Google Adwords and its importance

 What is Google Adwords and its importance

Google AdWords

 In the past decade, e-marketing began to spread significantly in the world, and this type of marketing seemed to rise more in our Arab world, but unfortunately, e-marketing in the Arab world in its simple concept means a banner or a link to a product.  In this article, we will talk about other ways of marketing and focus on marketing by means of clicks or Pay Per click, and the common in this type of marketing, is marketing through search engines, and there are two types of marketing through search engines:

  •  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) = Search engine Optimization

  •  SEM (Search Engine Marketing) = Search Engine Marketing

 As for the first point, its most important principles were explained in a previous article talking about search engine optimization (SEO), which is one of the important free ways in the world of e-marketing, through which you can reach a better ranking in search engines and rise in free search results.  But it is long-term, meaning that the results appear after a period of time.

 There are many other methods in e-marketing, for example, affiliate marketing, but in this article we will talk about a simple introduction to Google Ads or PPC, another method of marketing by Pay Per Click (PPC), which is a marketing method used to direct visitors to the desired website  Announcing it, by clicking on the advertisement, and here the advertiser pays for each click on the advertisement.This method is not popular in our Arab world for Arab companies and individuals alike, either due to lack of knowledge of its importance and feasibility, or lack of awareness of it at all.  This is because there is little competition for its use and as a result its cost is also reduced, as business owners focus on traditional marketing.

The difference between the types of search engine marketing

 The difference between these two types is that SEO is free and long-term, while SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which uses the PPC method in marketing, is not free, but directs the user to the company’s website directly.  Search engines take a while.

 In your places through Google AdWords, put your first result, but paid for each click.

 Google AdWords: It is one of Google's important advertising products, which provides a payment-per-click (PPC) service. It is used by project and website owners to advertise and attract customers and visitors.

 As for companies that provide marketing services that rely on pay-per-click, they are numerous, but here we are going to talk about Google AdWords.  Solutions, answers, information, and products. Advertising is often targeted to a specific segment of the market.

 The principle of its work: in the beginning, you have to choose the appropriate keywords (the words that people search through in the search engine to get results) and then formulate the advertisement in an attractive way, and these are the two most difficult sections, and the rest is taken care of by Google.  It shows your ad on the search engine page, and your ad appears on the results page, either at the top or bottom of the results, or on the opposite side, according to your choice.

 Your ad will be shown on the search engine to people who use the same keywords you have chosen.  Here comes your role in choosing the words that your potential customers use. Researching keywords for your company or website is important in the SEO process as well as in the PPC process.

 An example to simplify, if a forex company wanted to market through Google AdWords (note that forex companies are considered one of the highest competitors in the use of AdWords), it must choose keywords such as: “currency market”, trading, currencies, “demo account”, etc.

 Here, I would like to point out that there are two types of keywords, some of which are specific and those that are general.

What are the types of keywords?

  •  Custom are the words that do not show your ad unless they are written alone. For example, if the word “iPhone” is a custom word, the ad cannot appear unless it is written alone.

  •  As for the public in which your ad appears, whether written alone or with other words, for example, if iPhone is a general word, the ad can appear whether written alone or with other words, for example: iPhone applications, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, etc..

 You can also make your ad appear in the Google Ad-choice ad network, or with its partners that deal with Adsence on their sites.  Where you choose the place frequented by visitors and potential customers in Ad choice.  In addition to all of that, Google issues you periodic reports to be aware of what is going on in your advertising campaign.  It is also possible to connect your advertising campaign to (Google Analytics) to verify the feasibility of the advertisement and to ensure that the goal behind this campaign is achieved.

 As for the formulation of the advertisement, you have to formulate it skillfully, as Google offers you an advertising space consisting of:

  •  Title

  •  A few lines (in which you explain your product)

  •  A link to your site.

 Note (and it is recommended to use numbers in the ad format, in the first and second sections, because they draw the attention of visitors)

 Example 1: There is a clear difference between saying:

  •  Thirty percent discount on prices

  •  30% discount on prices

 The second advertisement is more striking.  The use of numbers in general attracts the attention of visitors.

 In Example 2: The first ad always attracts the visitor's attention.

  •  Top 10 Android Apps”

  •  “Best Android Apps”

 As for managing the advertising campaign, you must do the following:

 When you do any advertising campaign, and after opening an account in Google Ads, you must develop a long-term strategy as well as short-term tactics to reach the desired result:

  •  You must divide the ad campaign (Campaign) into several ad groups to simplify control of it, (ad group: consists of one or more ads and keywords that belong to the group and the sites in which the ad is displayed).

  •  Choosing the appropriate keywords for each (Ad group).

  •  Determine the maximum cost-per-click for each keyword, and here the priority is to appear first in the search results.

  •  Drafting appropriate advertisements for each (Ad group)

  •  Follow Google indicators such as: CTR, Clicks, Impressions, Avg.Position

  •  Continuous modification during the campaign to get the highest CTR (Click Through Rate) = Clicks/Impression.

  •  Clicks: The number of clicks made on the ad

  •  Impressions: The number of times an ad is displayed

  •  Avg.Position: is the ad rank relative to other ads that use the same keywords.  (Which companies compete in the use of Google Adwords)

  •  CTR: It is considered the most important indicator.  It describes the number of times that users clicked on the ad, relative to whom the ad was shown to.  This indicator enables you to have a deeper understanding of the feasibility and effectiveness of your advertisement.

 You can choose the most appropriate payment method for your ad, either pay per impression, pay per click, or pay per conversion to your site.

 As for determining the maximum cost per click, for example: if the company sets the maximum cost per click at $2, it will not pay more than that, and assuming that the competitors in AdWords set the maximum cost per click at $1, your ad will appear in the foreground at a cost of $1.01.

 Google enables you to market at the local and global level, and Google's potential is clear in its ability to classify customers according to the standard of interest, so your advertisement appears to those interested in your products or services only, whether it is at the local or global level, and I believe that Arab companies should enter this field  Because if any company in the world does not follow the developments, especially in the field of advertising, it will lose its market share in the future or even its existence.

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