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How to create a professional online store.

 How to create a professional online store.

How to create a professional online store.

 The principle of e-commerce has become the largest around the world at the present time, and the idea of ​​​​establishing an electronic store is one of the most profitable steps in our time, as the global economy has become very highly dependent on e-commerce. The global electronic investment market has become significantly larger than before, as the idea of ​​the store  Electronic money has become much more than what was previously, and it is known that in light of the spread of the Corona virus, very many people have become dependent on the idea of ​​buying online instead of buying from local stores, and this is the most important reason for the large number of requests for products online and the success of e-commerce.

 How to create a professional online store.

 There are two main reasons for creating an online store, and the first reason is the huge online purchase market and the high demand for online products all over the world, which drives most people to create an online store and its success as well.

 The second reason is the relatively low cost for electronic stores, as the idea of ​​creating an online store does not need a lot of money, unlike the idea of ​​local stores that need a lot of money to start working in them.

 Steps to create a professional online store:

 I will now present to you the most important steps that you must follow to start creating a professional online store. I will explain each step separately in order to give you a comprehensive and wide idea of ​​how to set up a professional online store:

  •  Determine the products of the online store.

  •  Choose a distinctive brand name for your store.

  •  Domain or domain reservation and hosting.

  •  Start building an online store.

  •  Start designing your online store.

  •  Begin to choose a shipping system and storage of goods.

  •  Final review and test of the online store.

  •  Start securing your online store.

  •  Get started with marketing your online store.

 These were the steps to start creating a professional online store, and now we will explain each step separately in order to start our work.

 1- Determine the products of the online store

 This step is the basis for starting the online store. You must first determine the type of products that you will start selling in your online store because there are millions of goods required online. You must choose the type of goods that you will start selling, but certainly it is a confusing thing for everyone to think about choosing a type  A commodity and the fear that this store will fail because of the type of products offered in it, so how do you begin to determine the type of products that you will sell in your online store.

 First, you have to get some time to search for the most important products in demand online. You should also take into account some things before starting to determine the type of products that your online store will offer, the most important of which are:

  •  The rate of demand for the product and its availability.

 You must search when searching for any product to know its availability in your area because it is a major factor in the success of your online store. You also have to know the amount of demand for this product, as it is one of the most important reasons for the success of the online store.

  •  Product price and profit.

 You have to bear in mind that the price of the product is one of the most important factors that affect the success of the online store significantly. If the price of the product is somewhat low, then in this way you will get simple profits that may not cover your expenses and be a loser in the end, or if the price of the product is as high as  In time, you will not be able to get high sales, and in this way, you must have sufficient experience in the field of managing electronic stores.

 2- Choosing a distinctive brand name for your online store

 You have to choose a very suitable name for your online store, preferably a strange name or not used frequently because this is one of the most important factors that affect the success of your store, but I may tell you that the name is not very important, as the success of your store and the frequent sale of products and its popularity make the name spread very widely  Other than the type or shape of the name, because of the large number of sales inside your store, the name is spreading very widely among people. One of the factors that it is preferable to have in the name of your store is that it is easy to pronounce and write, and this also helps users to easily enter your store and prefer it over others.

 3- Domain or domain reservation and hosting for your online store

 Now, dear, we have reached the point of the domain in of your online store. Now you must search for a domain for the online store. The meaning of the domain  is the end of the website link, for example (.com) or (.net) and the name of your store before this domain and this name will be  It is your choice, but often when you have put any name in your mind that you may like, this name will not be available or reserved before, so you have to search extensively to get a distinctive name that represents your store description correctly. I will give you some tips that you should consider when choosing  Domain name of your online store:

  •  Choose a country code or code:

 For example, your online store specializes in selling products in the United Kingdom, so it is better to put the UK code mark in your own domain which is (UK).

  •  Stay away from well-known names:

 It is better to choose your own name and not to choose any name belonging to any brand or any company, as this may expose you to legal liability.

  •  Tags or keywords:

 If your store specializes in selling any particular product or any particular commodity, it is better for you to put a tag indicating this product in your own domain.

 After you have selected and purchased the domain for your online store, now you must reserve hosting for your store. There are also many websites that offer you the service of purchasing hosting for websites and e-stores, and the two most important and famous companies in this field are:

 4- Start building an online store

 Here you must start building your own store, but in the majority you will not know or that you do not have enough information to enable you to build a professional online store, so you must either:

  •  Hiring an e-commerce developer:

 It is somewhat the best option because this person has very enough experience, as it is certain that this person can build a comprehensive online store with all the required features, except for the design, as the design has a primary role in the success of this store.

  •  Using a ready-made platform to build your online store:

 This option is the simplest option for someone who wants to work alone, and this option enables you to build a simple online store through some applications or specialized programs in this field. These platforms provide you with booking hosting and a domain for your store. They also provide you with the advantage of providing your site with a security certificate (ssl).

 5- Start designing the online store

 It is very important for the design of your online store to be very attractive and it is important to impress the visitor. You should also not exaggerate the increase in the many options and additions, because this can lead to any slow response to the site, which leads to the failure of the store and the lack of visitors significantly, also from  It is important that the size of the store is responsive to all sizes of mobile devices and computers as well.

 It is also important that the home page be attractive and responsive, and the visitor can access it from anywhere on the site. You have to choose a good template or design for your store in order to make it easier for the visitor to browse within the site. Also, your site must have main pages that are necessary to be present within your online store and from  The most important of these pages:

 1. Products Pages:

 Your site must be available on the main product pages and these pages must have the following:

  •  Product name and description.

  •  A picture for each product.

  •  Comprehensive product review.

  •  product price.

 2. Product Category Pages:

 There are many online stores that offer the categories feature, and this in turn makes it easier for the visitor to find the product he requests.

 3. Home Pages:

 These pages must be available in every website, regardless of its type, and they are the basis of websites. The most important of these pages are:

  •  Homepage.

  •  Privacy policy.

  •  Usage Policy.

  •  who are we.

  •  Call us or contact us.

  •  common questions.

 6- Starting to choose the shipping system and storage of goods

 This step may be one of the most difficult steps when you think about setting up an online store, which is the task of shipping and storing goods. First, for the shipping process, you must obtain from the customer all the delivery information such as address, phone number, etc. Let us now come to thinking about the process of delivering or shipping goods  This process will be presented to you, and you have two options. The first is to start dealing with a third party, who begins to take care of all shipping operations, but I do not recommend this option for you if your store is a beginner or small, it will increase your costs more.

 As for the second option, it is self-delivery, that is, you will prepare, package and deliver the goods yourself. This is the most suitable option for owners of small or novice electronic stores.

 7- Final review and test the online store.

 Dear, after you have prepared all the previous steps, you have completed the most difficult work. Only some simple additions remain. The most important of these additions is the preparation of the payment method through your online store, and in most cases it is via credit cards, bank accounts or via PayPal, if you agree with  Someone to design your store, all you have to do is ask him to add payment information in your online store, and if you are the one who did these things, all you have to do is add all the available and main payment methods.

 In this way, you have finished designing and building your online store, but before the official launch of your store, you must first make sure of some things, including the most important of these things.

  •  Your store's content.

  •  Responding to all screen sizes and all sizes.

  •  The online store is compatible with all browsers.

 8- Start securing the online store

 Here dear, you should start securing your store or site. All the world famous and small sites certainly secure and protect their sites through the (Secure Socket Layer) (SSL) certificate. It is very necessary to take this action to add protection to your online store, especially that your store will be  Financial transactions, and a lot of bank account and credit card information will be entered, and this is what provides protection for all customers in your online store as well. This protection is required for all sites that want to make more money through Google Adsense ads. This protection is a prerequisite to ensure that the site is accepted in Google  Adsense without any problems.

 9- Start marketing your online store

 This is the main stage, after you have built and designed your online store professionally. It is very important to draw an effective plan to start marketing your store and become very popular. Without that, you will not be able to get sales and customers for your online store. I will now give you some suggestions that you must follow in order to  You can market your store and get a large number of customers, and the most important of these suggestions are:

  •  Sponsored ads:

 This plan depends on creating a funded advertisement on one of the social networking sites, the most important of which is Facebook or Twitter, or creating an advertisement funded through Google itself, and this is its role and significantly to bring you thousands of sales and customers.

  •  Content Marketing:

 It is by creating attractive and professional content, which in turn brings you many visits.

  •  Email Marketing:

 It is considered one of the most important marketing plans at this time, as a lot of website owners and major online stores rely on it

  •  Search Engine Marketing:

 It is one of the most important factors that help greatly in the spread of your store and its popularity. Creating a professional online store that contains many desirable and diverse products will greatly help in the appearance of your online store in the first search results and increase entry and purchase operations through the online store.

  •  Marketing through social media:

 It is also one of the most important marketing processes for your online store, especially since social networking applications, the most important of which are Facebook, Twitter and others, have millions of visitors on a daily basis, and this method of marketing is one of the most important methods that you can rely on primarily in marketing the online store.

 Here, we have finished explaining how to create a professional online store that competes with major stores, and we have provided you with the most important basic points that must be followed when starting to set up an online store for the first time.

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