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Explanation of the 5sim website and how to charge it to get a fake number to activate WhatsApp and all social media programs

 Explanation of the 5sim website and how to charge it to get a fake number to activate WhatsApp and all social media programs.


 What are imaginary numbers?

 First, you must identify the fake numbers, what they are and why they are called fake numbers. Fake numbers are normal numbers that do not differ from real numbers in anything except that they are not real numbers, that is, they do not have a chip or sim card that you can insert into your phone also. You cannot make calls through  These numbers, as we said, do not have a SIM or a sim card, so you will not be able to make calls to these numbers, so what is the benefit of these fake numbers. The interest provided by these numbers is the codes only, and this means that when we activate WhatsApp or any other social networking application  All of them will ask for a verification code, and here lies the role of the fake numbers. We take the benefit from them with codes only. You can obtain these numbers in many and multiple ways, including through applications or programs and through websites also, including free numbers, including paid numbers that require a monthly or annual subscription or  It requires a first-time purchase only, and the paid numbers are usually better than the free ones. We offer you, through our explanation, the best site to get paid numbers for all countries of the world.

 What is 5sim website:

 5sim is the best and largest site to buy fake numbers to activate WhatsApp and all other social media programs. This site provides numbers for all countries of the world without exception. This site also provides some free numbers to activate most services, but it is impossible to activate WhatsApp or important applications such as Telegram, Instagram and Facebook because these numbers  The free ones are in great demand. As for the paid numbers, this site provides them continuously without interruption. Also, this site provides numbers for all Arab countries without exception. The benefit of this site comes to people who want to activate more than one WhatsApp number without the need to buy a SIM or sim card.

 How to register on 5sim:

 First, all you have to do is enter the site via the link below the explanation, then the site will open with you with the interface of the free numbers that it offers to visitors, then click on the options at the top of the page.  In order to facilitate the registration process for you, click on creating an account or sign up, then put the name, email and password. A confirmation message will come to your email. Confirm your account through the link sent to you in this way. You have created an account on the site.

 5sim charging method:

 Most of the users of this site must have encountered problems in charging the 5sim site, especially since it does not provide the PayPal payment method, the most famous bank in the world, and it only accepts shipping in the Russian ruble currency, and the value of the ruble is every one US dollar equal to approximately 75 Russian rubles, and almost the most expensive number in this  The price of the site is about 30 rubles, about 40 cents from one dollar, meaning that the prices of this site are very cheap. This site provides multiple shipping methods by credit cards or banks such as Payer or currencies such as Bitcoin.

 5sim login link:

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