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What are the most popular digital or cryptocurrencies traded on the world.

 What are the most popular digital or cryptocurrencies traded on the world.

What are the most popular digital or cryptocurrencies

 The world of digital or encrypted currencies has become the most sought after and searched online, especially since the world of digital currencies has become a preoccupation for most people around the world because it has become rich for some people through trading, buying and selling. Nowadays, there are more than 1500 diverse digital currencies in the world.  Its value and the way it is traded, and among these currencies there are major currencies that you can say that you can get money that may make you rich through it.

 There are many famous digital currencies, the most famous of which are Bitcoin and Ethereum. These two currencies are the most common and popular among people at the present time. There are also many other currencies that have a wide reputation, such as Litecoin and other famous currencies, but these currencies do not achieve more success  At the present time, or it is achieving a significant decrease in its value or the extent of its trading strength, there is also the Ripple (XRP) currency. This currency has achieved a lot of success in recent times, especially since its value and frequent trading have increased significantly.

 Regardless of the three major currencies that we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of digital currencies, including famous currencies, but these currencies have a significant decrease in their value and circulation.

 The most popular cryptocurrency among traders:

 Looking at the most popular major contract market such as the Plus 500, the most popular and traded currencies are:

  •  Bitcoin

  •  Ethereum

  •  Ripple (XRP)

  •  Litecoin

  • NEO

  •  IOTA

 After looking at the main contracts market Plus 500, we will find that these previous currencies are the most popular and most traded currencies at the moment,

 We will now explain each currency on so that we can know the properties of each currency and how it works.


 This currency was launched for the first time in the year 2009 and it is considered the most important and most famous digital currency and is the basis of digital currencies. Nowadays, there is no person who does not know anything called Bitcoin. This currency was invented by a man or by a group and they were called (Satoshi Nakamoto)  To this day, the true identity of this person has not been revealed.

 Bitcoin is considered the most famous digital or cryptocurrency at all, which has the highest price value among all fictitious digital currencies and real currencies, where the price of this currency reached more than 50 thousand dollars at one time and now at this time its price ranges between 35 and 45 thousand dollars for one currency of them  .


 Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, but it is completely different from Bitcoin. Ethereum is the name of the smart contract blockchain platform and the main name for this currency is Ether.

 This currency is considered one of the most important digital currencies in the field of digital currencies that are most widely traded at the present time, especially for its history and due to its importance, as it is the second most important currency after Bitcoin.

 Ripple (XRP):

 Ripple is one of the most popular currencies at the moment, and it is considered one of the most popular and most traded currencies at the moment.

 The aim of launching this currency came as the Blockchain for this currency was created in order to facilitate the transfer of paper currencies between borders and the main reason for the popularity of this currency is its close association with some international banks.

 With the progress of time, transactions through Ripple have increased in a very large way, and it is not excluded that these operations will become part of the new global financial system.


 This currency is considered one of the most famous digital currencies at the present time, and it is the main competitor to the bitcoin currency, as the founders of this currency aspire to become one of the most important alternatives to real or paper currencies in the footsteps of bitcoin.

 This currency ranks second after Bitcoin in relying on it to pay for goods, products and services over the Internet, as its inventors seek to make it so.

 On the other hand, the popularity of this currency may make it the most traded among most traders around the world, but Bitcoin remains the basis of digital or encrypted currencies.


 This coin is similar to the Ethereum coin, as it is a platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. This coin was launched for the first time in 2014 and the aim of its launch was to compete with Ethereum by providing the same services and scale, but with newer technologies than its predecessor Ethereum.

 But as is the case with the competition between Litecoin and Bitcoin, this currency competes with Ethereum in vain, because the basis for the Ethereum currency.


 This currency is an encrypted digital currency built in the form of a (Directed Acyclic Graph) and this currency was created to work on (IOT) devices.

 Recently, this currency has achieved great success, as it has become on the ceiling of digital currencies and the most traded one, and it has become in a period of competition with the bitcoin currency.

 We have provided you with the most important and most widely traded digital currencies at the present time. I hope you like the explanation.​

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