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The best ways to make money from Facebook 2022.

 The best ways to make money from Facebook 2022.

Make money from Facebook

 Facebook platform

 The Facebook platform or website is a large American company with other companies affiliated with it, such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. Facebook is the third best site in the world after Google and YouTube, and Facebook generates huge financial revenues on a daily basis.  With billions of dollars and more than two billion users around the world since the launch of this company in 2004 and for many years until the issue of profit from the Facebook platform was a fictional matter and was not a real thing, but this company, about two or three years ago, began giving great attention to its users and began offering new ways to obtain  Financial profits through the Facebook platform. In this article, I will present to you the most important ways to earn money from Facebook and the conditions for profit from it.

 The most important ways to profit from Facebook

 I will show you the most important official ways to make money through the Facebook platform for the year 2022:

 1- Profit from Facebook through videos

 You can make money from the Facebook platform by publishing videos in a similar way to YouTube, but through the ad breaks program, which is a similar program.  There are also basic conditions for profiting from Facebook videos, and the most important of these conditions are:

  •  Videos must be posted from an official Facebook page and not from a personal account.

  •  This page must have 10,000 followers to be able to get paid.

  •  You must be from a country that supports the ad breaks program and a language that supports this program also. To see the list of countries and languages ​​supported through this link.

  •  Your page must have received 30,000 views in the last 60 days for one minute, and the videos must be at least 3 minutes long.

 2- Profit from Facebook through programs and applications

 You can also make a profit from Facebook through your own program or application, as the Facebook company launched an advertising company for applications, which is Audience Network.  Application ads.

 3- Profit from Facebook through instant games

 You must have played instant games on Facebook before, and they are light games that appear on Facebook. You can download them through the Facebook application itself and play in them without leaving the application. You can profit from the Facebook application through these games, but not when you play in them, but when you design them, that is, you  Possess good experience in languages.  Programming and designing an instant light game and submitting it to Facebook Instant Games You can earn money through the ads that Facebook places within your game.

 4- Earn money from Facebook through articles

 This is done by writing articles with unique content that provides a distinct experience for the visitor, as Facebook has developed this feature free of charge for most website owners, and Facebook has taken the initiative to develop this feature, the Instant Articles feature, to facilitate some users with bad internet and the like.

 5- Profit from Facebook by selling products and goods

 This is by displaying products and goods to their owners through the Facebook platform, and Facebook has provided this feature through the Facebook Marketplace service. This service is a distinguished service provided by Facebook to its users in order to facilitate the processes of displaying products and goods on its platform and to facilitate communication between the seller and buyer parties through this excellent service.  .

 There are also other ways to profit from Facebook, and there are many ways to mention some of them, including working as a curser, meaning that you have a page on the Facebook platform that contains a large number of followers that you can benefit from by publishing ads and other products on it for other people and getting money for it.

 Facebook profit summary

 Dear, the concept of profit from Facebook has become a real thing and not an imaginary or imaginary thing, as you are a Facebook company that launched wide services through which its users can make money, and the most important source of this money is Audience Network, a company very similar to Google Adsense and has the same services, but this company is affiliated to a company  Facebook When you decide to start making money through Facebook, you must register with this company through this link

 These were the most important ways to profit from Facebook and its conditions. I hope you like the explanation.

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