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best way to create a Google Adsense account latest update 2022.

 The best way to create a Google Adsense account latest update 2022.

How to create google adsense account

?What is Google AdSense

 The concept of profit from the Internet has become a preoccupation for most people in the world, especially since the principle of profit from the Internet has become a real concept and not as it was before, as the concept of profit from the Internet was like a fantasy.  The Internet is much easier than before, including e-commerce or electronic investments, and perhaps the easiest of them is advertising profits through websites, YouTube channels, programs, applications, and advertisements that appear on them.  Google Adsense account Google Adsense is the largest advertising company in the world. This company belongs to Google and is primarily responsible for advertising and profit through it. The work of this company is that it is the main mediator between the publisher and the advertiser, and the publisher is the owner of the site, blog or YouTube channel that provides the content  Alfred on his site or channel, on which Google Adsense ads appear. As for the advertiser, he is the owner of the company, project, or anything else he wants to promote.  It is directed by the advertisements that appear on the publisher’s content, and here lies the role of Google Adsense, as it is the mediator between them, where it shares the profits of advertisements with the publisher and guarantees the rights of advertisers.

 Terms of creating a Google AdSense account:

 As we mentioned earlier, when anyone wants to profit from the Internet through ads, they must create an Adsense account first, but before that, some conditions that Google Adsense requires before creating the account must be met, and we mention the most important of these conditions:

  •   First, you must be an adult to be able to create an AdSense account and be at least eighteen years old.
  •   Second, you must be in a country supported by Google Adsense.
  •   It should be noted that you do not have an Adsense account before, because the AdSense company violates the fact that anyone has more than one active account, and if you have an account, close it immediately.
  •   Fourth, you can make profit from your YouTube channel only after completing the basic YouTube conditions, which are one thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours in the last year, to find out the easiest way to achieve these conditions.  Enter here.
  •   When creating an Adsense account for the first time, you must pay attention to the country and address of residence, because you will not be able to change your country later, and this helps in receiving the pin code in the easiest way.
  •   Before you can make profit from websites through Google Adsense only after your site complies with the Google Adsense policy. To know the conditions for accepting the site in Google Adsense, enter here.

 Google Adsense Features:

 Google Adsense is distinguished from other advertising companies, as it is the largest advertising company in the world and is also affiliated with the giant Google in all fields. Among the most important features of Google Adsense:

  •   Google Adsense is completely free and does not require any subscription fees or money payment.
  •   The basic requirements for making profit and subscribing to Adsense are very easy and do not require much trouble
  •   AdSense provides you with a wide range of automatic and customized ads, as well as all kinds of ads, also text or image, etc...
  •   Google Adsense provides you with the best and easiest way to withdraw your profits on a monthly basis when it reaches $100.
  •   Google Adsense enables you to make profit from many sites and YouTube channels, all in one Google Adsense account.

 Steps to create a Google AdSense account:

 The way to create a Google Adsense account is very easy, but before you start creating the account, you must have a website or a YouTube channel, and you can create the account through your channel, or if you do not have a YouTube channel here, you must enter the Adsense site from here or enter the following link:

 After that, we will click on the Start option on this page to start creating the account. It will ask you for your domain, which is the link to your website. Type it in and make sure that it opens without the www tag. After that, your email address is also required. Enter it, then choose your country. Please note  You will not be able to change the country later, then read and agree to the terms and laws of Google Adsense and move to the next page and here first you must choose the type of account if it is individual or commercial, then choose the name carefully as it is found in the national identity and in the same language as well, and then we come to  The address field and here you must put your primary address in detail to ensure that the pin code arrives without any problems. The pin code is a six-digit number that you confirm your account with when your profits reach $ 10. You must also add your phone number if the postman encounters any  There is a problem in accessing your address so that he can contact you via your phone number, after completing all these data, press send. Here, you must wait approximately 24 hours to receive a response with approval or rejection, but do not worry most of the time.  If your data is correct, the approval will take place within five or six hours.

 This was how to create a Google AdSense account, the latest update. I hope you like the explanation.​

 Link to Google Adsense

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