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Your comprehensive guide to Google ads 7 questions you should know and adsense advertising

 Your comprehensive guide to Google ads 7 questions you should know and adsense advertising

Google ads

 Why do Google ads gain so much importance, a question that comes to the minds of many marketers and beginners in the field of e-marketing and e-commerce.

 Some may also ask why should I spend money on Google ads as long as I can use free marketing methods such as SEO, social media marketing, sending emails and many other different ways.

 Well did you know that 2.3 million searches per second take place through the Google search engine, in addition to that most of the pages contain ads, so can you imagine the number of users who will see your products once you place it in an advertisement on Google.

 Funded Google ads are also considered one of the best methods of electronic marketing and promotion around the world, given the wide spread of the Google search engine, where 90% of searches on the Internet are conducted through it.

 Also, more than 75% of users' online activity is interspersed with a single search through search engines. Yes, we have the largest option to spread and achieve success online.

 Now let's learn more about Google ads in the next lines through:

Google ads

 1. What are Google ads and how does the Google Ads platform work:

 Google ads:

 It is a way or a tool to show your product or site in a striking and distinctive way to searchers via Google, with the aim of getting more traffic and more customers in a short time.

 Some studies say that advertising campaigns on Google achieve a profit rate of 800% if they are directed to a business, because they are directed specifically to users who are actually interested in this advertisement, whether they are users of search engines, blogs, smartphone applications, or YouTube channels.

 It also achieves very high interaction rates and increases the number of potential customers and real consumers, but it is very important to determine the main goal of using Google ads to be able to achieve and benefit from it.

 As for Google Ads:

 We can say that it is a tool for placing ads on sites through Google, through which image, text or video ads are launched.

 So that the user registers an account in Google Ads, which is the first step in order to be able to display his ads and market his products using Google Ads.

 An account is approved if it complies with Google policy:

  •  User age is over 18

  •  Has a website, blog or YouTube channel that complies with the terms of Google

  •  It is better not to link the Google Adsense account to the same gmail of the site, blog or channel.

  •  You must also have a gmail account separate from Google Adsense and activated.

 2. How to create a Google Ads account:

  •  Search for AdMob, then choose the subscribe button.

  •  You will be asked to confirm the email, then you will arrive at a page asking you to fill in some data and information such as where you live, the time you have, the currency you use.

  •  After adding the data, you must click on the verify your account button, then you must add your complete number with the code, so that you can receive a message confirming the creation of your AdMob account.

  •  Now search for the Google Adsense site, and subscribe to it by adding the required information.

  •  You will receive an email confirming the completion of your subscription within a period of time ranging from several days to several weeks, until the terms and conditions are confirmed.

 3. Why do I need to use Google Ads:

 Diversity of Marketing Methods and Methods:

 As we will see shortly, Google ads are diverse and many, and the places where you can publish your ad are also many, where you can use images, videos, or text messages to display them on sites, pages, and YouTube channels, or show them through gmail, or Android applications.

 Its fields are wide and affect all customers who use the Internet and smart phones by various means, and this in itself is an opportunity that cannot be compensated in any other way, as you can reach your customer through the closest ways to him according to each segment and its inclinations.

 The most famous and widespread:

 Of course, we are talking about the largest search engine in the virtual world, on which a very large percentage of users depend, so that the number of searches per day reaches 3 billion searches, and almost no activity on the Internet is devoid of at least one search process through Google, and therefore  The number of customers that your ad can reach through the use of Google ads is much greater than any other ad anywhere.

 Extensive potential and several tools for successful advertising campaigns

 Through Google Ads, you launch well-thought-out advertising campaigns in terms of target segment, keyword targeting, and retargeting to site visitors who have done something on your site.

 You can target the category by specifying age _ gender _ country _ interests _ behavior _ interaction _ language _ words and terms used in searches, all or one of them, and through your choices, artificial intelligence determines the users to whom your ad will appear.

 The target audience will be the people who are most likely to take action in terms of buying a product or registering for a particular service because you originally targeted your ad to those who are interested in it.

 Faster and more effective

 Of course, I will not disagree with you that free promotion and marketing is effective and important, but compared to Google ads, you will manually manage the topic alone, and the topic will take longer because most of the free e-marketing methods depend on a long-term cumulative basis.

 For example, if you choose social media marketing, you need time to get followers and you also need to spend the effort in preparing the appropriate and most effective content.

 And if you decide to email marketing, you need a large mailing list in order to attract customers and encourage them to get your services and products.

 You also need to create effective and effective email messages, which is not easy, in terms of writing the content and choosing the appropriate presentation and timing for sending the email.

 As well as the rest of the free ways, and this is in addition to that we have not yet talked about designing images and creating videos, which is one of the most stressful ways in terms of effort, time and specialization, unlike Google ads that require less time and less effort and their impact is greater as they target the right person and who is fully interested in what was presented with the help of Data  Huge information on the internet.

 Calculating the cost when achieving the goal:

 Through Google ads, you can pay for a thousand clicks or a thousand impressions, and therefore you guarantee that your ad has been clicked a thousand times, that is, it appeared to a thousand users, and in this case you do not lose and pay only to achieve your goals.

 4. What are the importance and benefits of Google Ads:

 Contribute to search engine optimization:

 As we know, both Google ads and SEO terms perform the same task in improving the appearance of the site or brand in the first results of search engines, and for those who are paid and the other is free.

 But what we do not know is that Google ads contribute to improving search engines in a shorter period of time and more effectively indirectly by providing the opportunity to focus on several keywords at the same time, and showing your site in the first results, which increases traffic to your store or site, and limits  Your potential customers by keywords they use makes it easy to retarget.

 Spending management and control:

 Reducing spending and raising conversions is one of the goals that constitute a real obsession for entrepreneurs, e-commerce, and e-marketing users to publish and promote their brands, but with Google ads, it is much easier.

 Where Google ads contribute to facilitating the process of controlling spending by pre-determining the price of a click, or the cost of advertising or the price of views, and thus the matter of calculating and calculating expenses becomes very easy and more flexible.


 Two types of customers who are interested in your products and services will visit your online store or website. The first type is the type that takes a specific action such as requesting a service, purchasing a product, asking a question or inquiry, or communicating with you about something.

 And the other type is the type that did not take any action but only visited you, this type that can be targeted again through advertising campaigns on Google, so that the customer’s visit to your site or store is an indication of his interest in your brand.

 It also indicates that they are the most likely customers to convert to real consumers and therefore retargeting them through advertising would be a good step in getting new customers.

 Ability to measure ROI and monitor advertising performance:

 By measuring results via Google Adsense, you can see how many clicks customers have made on your ad, determine the number of visits returned from that ad, and calculate the cost of acquiring one potential customer.

 5. What are the types of Google ads and how to use each of them:

 1. The Display network:

 They are ads that contain images, targeting users while browsing the sites they prefer, and they are one of the most important ads that you can benefit from, as statistics say that 90% of users see the images displayed in front of them in the sites they visit or at the beginning of the videos they watch on YouTube.

 As for how to use these ads, it is very simple as the Google Display Network allows you to target the effective audience, who wants to follow your ad.

 You can also use automatic targeting in order to get high-performing customers relative to your existing customers, by showing your ad to users who are most likely to be interested in your ad, or in other words showing your ad to those most willing to take action.

 This type of Google ads is usually used at the beginning of promoting a new project, product or product in order to attract users' attention to it when they search, or even attract their attention before they search in the sites and pages they enter.

 This type of advertising supports building awareness of your brand if you still own a new brand, and also supports you to get new customers and increase the number of potential consumers of a new product or update you made.

 2. Shopping Ads:

 If you are the owner of an online store, an activity or a commercial website, this type of Google ads is for you, as it is intended to promote products and services to appear in front of shoppers exclusively.

 This type of ads increases sales and profits and is very useful in order to support the number of visits to your online store. It also facilitates the management of marketing campaigns with these ads, and contributes to increasing sales rates because it will inevitably appear in front of potential consumers and therefore they are more likely to buy the products you offer.

 The advertisement consists of the name of the product, its image, the name of the company or product and the evaluation of the product. This type of advertisement in Google is not well-known enough, as most of the advertisers of their products online do not know it, and that is why the share of Shopping Ads ads is estimated at only 20% of the total paid search clicks.

 These ads can be used in three forms, either by creating an ad based on your product data in Merchant Center, which is an advertisement for product marketing, or by displaying product images by collecting images of products that are related to each other, or through warehouse ads, which is a summary of the ads that you display  Actual local repositories.

 How this works for a type of Google Ads:

 It works using data about your product and the details you've added in Merchant Center, so it matches what the user is searching for to show you the most interested, unlike other types that rely on keywords in searches.

 It is easy to use and depends on the accuracy and order of the information added in Merchant Center, the more accurate and organized you are, the more flexible the use of marketing ads.

 This type of ads is displayed in the Shopping tab of Google ads to the target audience, and is also displayed in Google search results pages independently of text and image ads, it can also appear in Google companies search results if you want to include them in your advertising campaigns, and of course  It also appears in Google-related applications such as YouTube and Gmail.

 3. Search Ads:

 This type of ads targets those searching for a specific product, service, or topic using keywords, so that your ad appears next to the search results and is selected in accordance with the keywords that he searched for.

 The conversion rate for these ads is very high because it depends on the accuracy of the search algorithms in showing Google ads to the right customers, who are interested in seeing your ad.

 They are accurate advertisements because they depend on keywords first, and because they appear to people searching for them, and they can be used in three different forms:

  •  Call only Ads: They are intended for mobile phones that support calling and receiving calls.

  •  Mobile App promotion: An advertisement for companies that own a smartphone app to encourage customers to download the app.

  •  Dynamic search Ads: These ads are for those who have websites, and the site must be managed in a distinctive and professional way, as the site is relied on to build this ad.

 4. Video Ads:

 Video is one of the most successful e-marketing tools in our time, especially in 2020, as it is one of the most watched types of Google ads, and a very large percentage of users like to watch videos, especially YouTube videos.

 Studies also say that videos are among the ads that users interact with and share the most, and therefore this type of Google ads helps in increasing awareness of your brand and attracting more customers, especially by displaying your ad on top of YouTube videos and websites.

 It is also suitable for advertising campaigns that aim to increase interaction and participation, and increase the number of views. It is worth noting that the advertising campaigns that include Video Ads ads receive better results than the rest of the ads in general, but this, of course, follows other factors such as pricing, data management, goals and other details and criteria  The measurement we'll be talking about shortly.

 5. The Google Ads app:

 In this type of Google ads, you only need to create an idea in order to write an ad, then Google develops or tests a set of possibilities and uses the ad that has the best result and performance without having to look at other options.

 This type targets users of smart devices and Android and iPhone applications in several formats and shapes based on the ideas that you put or choose, then the advertising campaigns are launched, divided and allocated automatically from Google without the need to do anything.

 These ads are easy to use as you do not need to create a series of advertising campaigns and waste your time targeting and specifying data, all you need is to create a creative idea and then Google will take over the task automatically, and it will automate the advertising campaigns, segment them and automatically publish them to get the desired results.

 They are very effective advertisements, especially as they target customers who use smart devices and applications, and they are one of the groups that are increasing day by day and have the ability to interact and be affected by marketing campaigns, which is reflected in higher sales and profits.

 6. What is the cost of Google ads and how to pricing:

 Pricing is done in several ways and on several bases, such as:

 1. Performance based pricing:

 In this case, the payment will be on the basis of remittances either according to:

  •  Clicks: The ad is linked to the site or page link, so the user goes to this page as soon as the ad is clicked, and the cost is calculated based on the click price.

  •  Actions: In this case, the payment is for the customer to take a specific action, such as subscribing to a service, purchasing a product, or downloading a specific application such as an online store application, and the teacher pays the “cost of the action”.

 2. Impression Based Pricing:

 The most prevalent and common pattern among advertisers, where the cost is calculated on the basis of the number of times the ad appears to users, the cost is calculated per thousand impressions, given that each ad impression is an opportunity to obtain a new customer.

 7. How to Become an Expert in Google Ads Application:

 Given that Google ads have a measurement feature, the best way to create professional advertising campaigns is to monitor and understand indicators and master the process of measuring the performance of your ads, and among the metrics and indicators that you can know:

  •  Number of Impressions: The number of times your ad appears to a user.

  •  Number of unique impressions: The number of times the ad was shown to the same user, as this contributes to knowing the speed of performance and the effectiveness of the ad.

  •  Click through Rate (CTR): Here, the number of clicks is calculated relative to the number of times the ad is shown to users.

  •  Engagement or Interaction Rate: Here we measure the number of times the ad has been interacted with at least once, such as opening the link attached to the advertisement, playing the video, or it may be a product or service request.

  •  VTR (View Through Rate): It is the percentage of the number of full views of the advertisement, meaning the number of times the advertisement was completely viewed despite the opportunity to skip. This indicator reflects the extent of the customer's interest in the advertisement.

  •  View-through Conversion (VTC): It measures the number of conversions that occur during a month after the user views the ad and does not take any action. Their actions are then monitored whether they visit your site, order your products, or the like.

 This is not all about Google ads, but this is the most important thing you need to know to master the use of Google ads, and if you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, you can certainly benefit from the services of the Fatora platform.

 Create a free online store and start the journey of buying and selling professionally, or take advantage of digital transformation and electronic payment services, and you can bill support your business even if you own a local traditional store through billing services, sending payment links and the cashier service.

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