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12 free ways to increase traffic for your online store.

 12 free ways to increase traffic for your online store.

12 free ways to increase traffic for your online store.

 Traffic and site visits in order to acquire new customers and obtain a greater percentage of sales and a new audience constantly, is the main concern of many entrepreneurs and website owners.

 You certainly know the value of traffic in expanding your opportunity to sell and get more customers, and let me tell you that it is the most important of all. What is the value of excellent content, high-quality merchandise at competitive prices, and superb services if no one knows about it and customers do not reach it.

 Therefore, better traffic on your site will increase your chance of getting more sales, and therefore the profit will automatically increase. Now that we know the value of traffic, let us learn about the best ways to boost traffic on the site or store, for free.

 But what is the traffic?

 Traffic means site traffic, and it is a term that denotes the group of visitors who visit your site. The more visitors a particular online store has, the greater the sales opportunities, and therefore the greater the chances of getting additional profits. Therefore, striving to bring traffic to your store is important and a cruel necessity.

 Well then, how is it done, there are a number of ways, some are free and some are paid, but today we will mention 12 free ways to bring traffic to your site:

 Ways and methods of raising traffic to your online store:

 1. Understanding Traffic:

 Before starting the search for traffic, it is important to understand what the main goal of this idea is. Increased traffic must be accompanied by increased opportunities to promote the products and services you provide.

 That is why it is not enough to increase the number of visitors to your store to ensure more profits and sales, but rather they must inevitably be from your effective audience, and therefore who are your effective audience, what will attract them to visit your store, and what are the products and services they are looking for the most.

 In this step, Google tools will help you choose the right destination to start bringing traffic to your store, such as: Google Analytics, Google trends, Google search console, GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS and other tools that provide you with enough information to map your path towards high traffic in your store.

 2. Create Content Relevant to Store Identity:

 The content provided within the site, store, or any blog is one of the most important factors that determine the identity of visitors, meaning that when you provide content about a specific thing, you will attract the audience interested in that content.

 Of course, this topic has become known to many. For example, if you provide content about the development of Chinese industries, or about the diversity of local Russian cultures, you will most likely not be able to enhance the traffic in your store, and this is obvious unless you sell Chinese industries because your effective audience will visit the store to see  What your site contains and your site navigation will be interested in this type of content.

  •  what do you sell?

  •  To whom do you sell this product or provide that service?

  •  So what is the right content for them and what they care about?

 Now you are ready to use your content to enhance the traffic in your store, start providing content compatible with the identity of your store.

 3. Use of e-marketing:

 If you have not yet started investing in online marketing, you are really missing out on a lot of sales opportunities, did you know that billions of people around the world use at least one of the social media applications.

 And that 90% of Internet use includes exploration through search engines and 75% of it is done through Google, and what do you also think that doing advertising campaigns through social media and websites would increase your sales and raise awareness of your brand to double, surely you do not know  It's all because you haven't tried.

 90% of Internet users are subject to at least one advertisement per day, and we are not talking here about users who spend hours of their time between Facebook, Instagram and others, as some statistics say that 850 million people are active daily on Facebook and spend more than their time  An hour a day browsing the content.

 Choose the channels and sites that have the most impact on your audience, here you are addressing a specific segment among a very wide audience that uses these applications, and help the algorithms of the Internet in websites and social media platforms to direct your advertisement in the right way by specifying exactly what you want.

 4. Offering offers and competitions:

 Have you ever noticed that you are more inclined to browse a store or a site that offers offers, and have you seen competition ads, how many interactions and comments you receive on Social Media sites?

 Yes, because competitions and coupons for offers encourage customers to buy products, and customers usually tend to follow online stores that offer discounts, offers and competitions frequently and permanently, and therefore they visit the store to check the status of current offers.

 Thus, this method contributes to enhancing traffic, getting customers interested in the store, roaming between its pages and seeing what is new, and this also increases the possibility of getting new customers constantly.

 5. Applying SEO terms:

 In order to help search algorithms rank the site or store, you must follow the SEO rules and conditions, in terms of keywords, sub and main titles, internal and external links, etc. details.

 The site should also have a simple and organized design in lists and classifications, choose light and distinctive templates, and pay attention to adding clear buttons such as the purchase button, the online payment button, and the additions that will encourage the customer to stay longer periods in your store.

 All of these factors will contribute to the improvement of search engines, and thus will increase the store's ranking and visibility in front of searchers in the lists and pages, which will increase traffic and increase the possibility of selling.

 6. Understanding the target group:

 You address a specific group of audience, which is characterized by characteristics, characteristics, interests and needs that determine the way it affects and reacts to everything that is presented to it. Therefore, your understanding of the characteristics of your target segment of your products will make you more able to employ all methods to attract this segment.

 7. Activate YouTube Marketing:

 We certainly know that YouTube video marketing falls under e-marketing, but for the importance of this method of increasing traffic, it deserves to be mentioned as one of the single methods.

 Videos are the most effective marketing methods for customers for several reasons, the most important of which is that they are a fun and entertaining way, and they employ sound, image and text in an elegant mixture to communicate information, and give greater details about the product, service or brand.

 8. Attach your store to an app:

 Because the applications are easy and more suitable for smartphones, you can enhance the traffic in your store by attaching it to an application that makes it easier for them to enter the store and navigate between its pages.

 If you want an application that is easy to use and create, go to Fatora website and get a unique and simple online store application that supports your business and helps increase traffic to your store.

 9. Constantly introducing new products:

 The development of new products, in turn, will contribute to raising the traffic by expanding the target segment, attracting customers to additional products, and will also reflect a beautiful impression on customers about your permanent development, which indicates your success and the quality of the above.

 10. Creating a mailing list and sending emails:

 One of the most influential online marketing methods ever, and that is why we have allocated a special space for it, as following the method of sending emails to potential customers will make them visit your site frequently and increase the chance of them becoming real consumers.

 It is not just about writing an email in some way and sending it to customers, there are specific conditions for the success of these emails in influencing the customer, including that the general form is attractive and tidy, and that it includes pictures, videos and direct links, and that it be few in number and sent at the appropriate times, as well as that it be sent  For a specific reason such as a new product, contest or promotion.

 11. Promote your business listing on Google:

 Google is the largest search engine in the world, and users engage in millions of searches per day. It also includes and categorizes a huge amount of information and data at every moment, and therefore the competition is very fierce.

 The ranking is also very accurate, and in order to guarantee yourself a place in the first results, you must promote your business activity through Google through some steps:

  •  Add all data related to your work such as your address, working hours, type and mechanism of work.

  •  Continuous update on the added information, do not ignore any detail that has become outdated, but modify it immediately.

  •  Putting attractive images that reflect the identity of the company, as studies say that sites that include expressive images have a 35% higher rate of visits than those that do not add images.

  •  Keep product descriptions short but comprehensive, ensuring that the customer gets what they want to know without being lengthy.

  •  Add keywords to your store description so customers can find you.

  •  Do the right management of customer service, by allocating a space for customer opinions, answering their questions and sharing their experiences in your store.

 12. Store layout within clear listings and classifications:

 When you organize your store in a clear way and within an easy and simple user interface, you encourage your customer to stay longer in your store and arouse their curiosity to discover more of what you offer.

 Add buttons that enhance the efficiency of your work such as the online payment button, choose the first payment gateway in Qatar, an invoice gateway to ensure the security and ease of receiving your money, and categorize the products in a targeted category to make the customer accept to try more products.

 This method contributes to encouraging customers to return to your store and thus enhancing traffic, gaining customer loyalty, take your time in coordinating to reach the best and always use companies with long experience in the field of e-commerce such as Fawra.

 How does your interaction with Fawtorah Company contribute to increasing traffic in your store:

  •  Connect your store to other sites and market to it.

  •  Make a professional online store application.

  •  The ability to link with the most essential and universal applications that contribute to improving your store ranking.

  •  The ability to link to measurement tools to obtain information about store visitors, such as facebook pixel, and Google statistics.

 Fatora also offers many additional services such as the multiple billing system, cashier service, sales critics, and electronic payment services that allow payment from anywhere, at any time, in several ways and in a variety of currencies. It also adds the service of sending payment links that make it easier for you and your customers to pay and receive money without trouble.

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