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Chiba Inu digital currency

 Chiba Inu digital currency

 The digital currency “Shiba INU” exceeded expectations during the past 24 hours, and this comes after “Elon Musk” published a tweet to him on his own account on the “Twitter” website.

 The “Shiba Inu” digital currency is still continuing its gains, surpassing the digital currencies with great momentum in the markets, such as “Litecoin” and “Afax”, and thus the “Shiba Inu” currency occupies the twelfth place to compete with the giant digital currencies in the world.  its market value.

 What is the “Shiba Inu” digital currency?

 The digital currency “Shiba Inu” is a cryptocurrency that was established in August of last year 2020, by one or several unidentified persons, but they are known as “Ryoshi”, and the cryptocurrency is traded on trading platforms as “Shib”, as its token  .

 The term “Shiba Inu” refers to a specific breed of dog, which was used on Dogecoin as an avatar, and it was (a joke) nothing more than that at first, but it was very popular in the market, and this may be the great incentive for the developers of Dogecoin  "Shiba Inu" which they called "Dogecoin Killer".

 It is worth noting here, that “Shiba” does not own any smart contracts, nor do they support any rights or assets, and it is clear that the digital currency is nothing but several transferable assets, in other words, “ERC-20” tokens are hosted on a network  “Blockchain Ethereum”, which is only used for exchanges and commercial transactions over the “Internet”.

 The “Shiba Inu” currency has gained unparalleled popularity in the market and has spread at lightning speed among investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market, and this comes as a result of the momentum and great support from the leading figures in this field, such as (Vitalik Buterne and Elon Musk).

 Who are the founders of the “Shiba Inu” cryptocurrency?

 Similar to Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency Shiba Inu was founded by a person or group of hitherto unknown people, referred to by the pseudonym Ryoshi.

 What makes the “Shiba Inu” coin unique?

 The developers of the digital currency “Shiba Inu” invite their artists and in other communities to join their own project, and invite its developers to invest in the currency and build a long-lasting friendship.

 The Shiba Inu Corporation created a campaign to raise funds for the Shiba rescue and collaborated with the Shiba Inu Rescue Association, using the Amazon Smile.

 The Sheba coin is one of the decentralized “MeMe” tokens, which has developed into a vibrant ecosystem, and the currency provides a special incubator for artists.  Its token or cryptocurrency token is inserted and triggered on the decentralized single cryptocurrency exchange that has closed more than 50% of the total Uniswap supply on the Shiba Swap.

 How many “Shiba Inu” coins are in circulation?

 According to Shiba Inu, more than 50% of the total supply of Uniswap tokens has been closed, the keys have already been disposed of, and the remaining 50% of the tokens have been burned by Vitalik.  Buterin".

 Vitalik Buterin sent about 50 trillion dollars of Shiba tokens to the Covid Crypto Relief Fund in India, then burned 40 of the total supply to the dead wallet.

 There are several tokens found on the “Shiba INU-LEASH” website, which have been launched but will not be re-established as “Bone” and “Dogecoin Killer” tokens, and “LEASH” has a fixed width of 107,646 tokens, as well as offering bonus  Large for liquidity providers, on the other hand, “Bone” owns more than 250 million tokens, which is a governance token, which allows its holders to vote on the decentralized independent “Shiba Inu’s Doggy” organization.

 It is worth noting here, that at the beginning of May of this year, “MeMe” symbols with a dog image, such as “Shiba Inu” occupied the volumes of trade exchanges amounting to millions of dollars, and then the price of the digital currency “Shiba Inu” reached an all-time high,  before it turns downward.

 How is the “Shiba Inu” network secured?

 According to WoofPaper, the 22-page Shiba cryptoc currency is an ERC-20 token that relies on Ethereum and the currently mobile Proof of Stake blockchain technology.

 Where to buy the digital currency “Shiba Inu”?

 After the digital currency “Shiba Inu” gained wide popularity, and its prices in the market rose significantly, it is now available on many reputable platforms for trading operations, such as Binance, “Huobi Global” and “OKEx”, as well as it is also available on  Many decentralized trading platforms, such as Uniswap and DEX.

 What are the future expectations for the “Shiba Inu” coin?

 Economists expect the value of the digital currency “Shiba Inu” to rise tenfold, because everything can happen at any moment in the cryptocurrency market.

 It is worth noting here, that if the value of the digital currency increases tenfold, this means that its market value will reach record numbers of more than 110 billion dollars, and thus the currency will occupy the third place among the cryptocurrencies, and will certainly outperform the “BNB” currency.

 Currently, the Shiba Inu sells for $0.000058 per coin, as well as having a market value of about $3.4 billion, and there is still enough time for the coin to increase in value and grow further.

 According to cryptocurrency market experts, they expect the value of the digital currency “Shiba Inu” to reach $ 0.000019 at the beginning of next year, and it may then exceed the barrier of $ 0.000061 per coin at the beginning of 2025, and this means that it will grow at a rate of 620%, and therefore it is considered an opportunity  favorable for investment.  You can check out what you can buy after investing in Chiba.

 Is the Chiba Inu expected to be worth $1?

 In order for the digital currency “Shiba Inu” to achieve the rate of 1 US dollar per coin, it will need to rise at a rate of 12,000,000 percent. It is worth mentioning here, that “Shiba” managed in January of this year to achieve a market value of 2.000.000 percent per month,  Therefore, it is not excluded that its value will reach 1 dollar by the end of this year, if it continues to grow upwards, and on the other hand, if its growth rate reaches 20% per month, it may take 5 years for the currency to reach its value in the market to 1 dollar.  American.

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