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Top 10 games for Android and smartphones of 2022 at all.

 Top 10 games for Android and smartphones of 2022 at all.

Best 10 games for Android 2022

 Smartphone game platform

 The Android and smartphone games platform is developing day after day and year after year, and competition in it has become more prevalent than ever, especially among most global game companies. There are millions of games published in online game stores and Google Play Store in particular, and the demand for these games has become more  Ever since, due to the high prevalence of smartphones and the large number of their users around the world, we have prepared this article to present the best games in 2022 and publish an idea about them and a link to download them as well.

 The most important games of 2022

 We will publish the most popular and best games, and their ranking on our site does not depend on their importance. They are all famous games, and they are the best Android games at all, and all of these games are free that you can get from the Google Play Store.


تحميل لعبة ببجي نيو ستيت BUPG NEW STATE

 This game is considered one of the most famous and latest Android, iPhone and smartphone games. The idea of ​​this game came with the same idea as the PUBG Mobile game, which is almost a second copy of the game, but with more realistic graphics and newer updates. We started talking about this game in early 2021 and became available for download from the Google Play and Apple store  Store on 11/11/2021 and on this date it became available to everyone and free of charge for anyone to download and enjoy it.


تحميل لعبة ببجي موبايل pubg mobile

 The PUBG Mobile game is considered one of the most famous and most powerful fighting games in the world of video games. It was launched on March 23, 2017 for computers, Xbox and PlayStation 4. It was a great success when it was officially launched, which prompted the company that produced it to issue a copy for Android devices and mobile phones at the beginning of the year 2018. This game  Developed by Tencent, and it differs from the company that produced pubg New State, meaning that there is competition between both games and the strongest survival. The events of the PUBG Mobile game revolve around 100 players jumping from a plane and competing in several maps located inside the game until the survival of one player or one team consisting of  Four players.

 3- Call of Duty Mobile game

تحميل لعبة call of duty mobile

 This game is considered one of the most important combat games for Android, iPhone and smartphones, and it plays in a first-person perspective system. This game was first released on October 23, 2003 for computers, Xbox and PlayStation. After that, a copy of the game was released for Android devices, iPhones and smartphones in early 2021, which is  A fighting game released by Infinity Word.  The player starts towards specific goals in the game and uses all kinds of combat weapons in the game in order to achieve the goal and move to the next goal.


 4- Free Fire game

تحميل لعبة فري فاير free fire

 Free Fire is one of the most important combat and strategy games for Android, iPhone, and smartphones on this platform. This game relies heavily on the PUBG MOBILE game. It has almost the same principle. This game was released for the first time on August 23, 2017, and works on Android and iPhone systems only. It is produced by 111dots studio.  The game 50 players compete on in-game maps until one player or a team of four survives and wins.

 5- Plants vs Zombies 2

تحميل لعبة Plants vs Zombies 2

 This game mainly depends on creating a line of defense against the hordes of zombies. You can find dozens of defense plants and hordes of zombies. This game offers the experience of fighting battles in many different worlds. This game was first released on July 9, 2013 on Android and iPhone platforms only.  This game is one of the most entertaining games ever, and it got a lot of downloads in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

 6- Clash of Clans game

تحميل لعبة clash of clans

 The clash of clans game is one of the best and oldest strategic Android, iPhone and smart phone games, which is based on intelligence, as it had a major role a few years ago and has more than half a billion downloads in the Google Play store. The meaning of the name of this game in Arabic is the clash of tribes. This game was released for my platform  Android and iPhone on August 2, 2012, produced by Supercell. The events of this game revolve around a conflict between tribes and each person who owns a village within the game and protects it from other attacks.

 7- eFootball PES 2021

تحميل لعبة efootball pes 2021

 This game is considered one of the best and most important international football games on the Android, iPhone and smartphone platforms. This game offers you a real and realistic embodiment of football games and also enables you to play the role of the most important players in the world and global sports clubs as well. This game was released for the first time on September 15, 2020 for my platform  Android, iPhone and smartphones, this game is produced by Fox Engine and revolves around the world football game and enjoy it.

 8- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

تحميل لعبة جاتا سان اندرس

 It is one of the famous gta games series, and this game of this series has been released only for the Android, iPhone and smartphone platforms.  Cars and fight with city police too.


 9- Clash Royale

تحميل لعبة كلاش رويال clash royale

 This game is considered the basic similar to the game Clash of Clans and it has the same principle as well, but in this game you will create the deck for your ship and face the enemies and protect yourself also open new cards inside the game This game was released for the first time on March 2, 2016 and the production company of this game is Supercell  This game has an estimated number of downloads of more than 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store, download the game and enjoy it.

 10- Sky Baron

تحميل لعبة سكاي براون افضل العاب الطائرات Sky Baron.

 This game is considered one of the best aircraft games on Android devices and smartphones, and it has great realism and embodies the real reality. The events of this game take place in the First World War. This is evident from the types of aircraft in the game.  It is only available for Android, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

 These were the best Android, iPhone, and smartphone games for about 2022, and you can get all these games for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. I hope you like the topic.

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